The one that didn't' get away!!!

Marcus & Ruth
Tue 4 Dec 2012 11:14
22 05.80N 041 31.07W

Mahi Mahi is on the menu for the crew of "The Cure".

Sunrise around 9am GMT today and we thought right we're hoofing along but lets try catch us some fish, only we'll use the smaller lures so hopefully we can manage the boat and bring in our catch. We're still trucking along at 9 knots so not the simplest of things to slow the boat down fast enough if we catch anything.

30 minutes into the start of our fishing day and the Starboard reel just shoots off, "FISH ON!!!" Nic & Andy were in bed (not together) but were soon up to assist in the fight. Dick Miller took the line, strapped in and started to pull in the catch. The boat was slowed down and Dick started to make ground on the fish. I'd say the fish did not put too much of a fight but I think Dick would strongly disagree with this, the rod was bending over and beads of sweat were forming. He managed it well in the end and we landed a beautiful 25lb Mahi Mahi, well it was beautiful until we smacked it over the head with a rounders bat! Dave Farman, this is how you do it!!

So tonight we have some lovely fresh fish that Andy and Nic are going to prepare for us. What a great start to the day.

Distance to go: 1241nm