Grey Skies & Good Wind

Marcus & Ruth
Wed 28 Nov 2012 09:32
26 24.50N 019 37.06W

Starting Distance 2838nm, Remaining Distance 2580nm

The wind gods are being kind so far! Could do with a little more northerly and a bit less easterly but beggars can't be choosers! It's been a steady 20-30 knots since we left really and we have this morning opened up a little more sail area. Currently running 1 reef in the main, 2/3 reefed Genoa, Goose winged, and holding again around 9 knots. Everything is comfortable on board but the skies are ominously grey and don't look very happy, I'm guessing at some point today they are going to "unleash hell" on our small boat. 
We've been tracking a 203ft Square Rigged sailing boat to our North since we departed, we've not seen her yet but it's there on our AIS about 15 miles away. Stories are rife between the shipmates that it's a ghost ship, maybe the "Black Pearl", Aaarrrrrhh!!!!
We have a sacrificial burial today, Dicky is going to float test our offending Altenater as a gesture of good will to Neptune. Hopefully he'll accept this and keep us from any more unforeseen engine issues. If this wind keeps up then we won't be needing the iron sails at all.

Just saw 15.9knots speed over ground while surfing down a nice wave, nice.