Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Sun 1 May 2016 15:03
“50:21.22N 03:34.05W”
After a couple of people pestering me with regards why I have not updated our blog i thought it easier to just do it.
We arrived on Friday afternoon after a fantastic 15 to 20 knot wind and 8-10 knot boat speed into Dartmouth. after lots of bets on “time we would get into harbour” from the crew, luckily the skipper got it right and claimed his prize money (enough to have half a beer )we headed into town to have our long awaited Draft beers and a steak . A nice old pub called the Cherub Inn gave us half the pleasure with a great pint and then the ships inn helped with the other half . We settled in to get our alcohol levels back up to Uk regulations and met a few of Simons old friends and total strangers to end the day . a nice breakfast at Al frescos started our day off on Saturday with full English , Latte and Bloody Mary    (why a bloody Mary you ask, Who knows these Dart traditions ) A tidy of the Yacht and full of the water tanks . maintenance and then back to pub for the odd pint before another tradition (curry) gave us the second night without getting thrown out of my bed .  Sunday morning saw us visit Al fresco again and a visit from Simons mum and Sister gave us the energy to look at the final let to the Hamble , Calculating the time and weather forecast uploading, Blog and a piece of Fruit cake and port helps me though this session of paperwork and blogging , Emails and hopefully a little lie down before we head off to then Hamble on our final leg of our adventure .
We will hopefully let you have a last blog of this adventure tomorrow before we leave the Hanse Sailor on her new berth at Port Hamble,