Getting closer

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Thu 14 Apr 2016 20:45
Yesterday was a calm and tranquil day with swimming off the back and Alex enjoying being 600 miles away from anywhere holding onto a piece of rope that i had control of . the shark stories didnt go down very well though and after a quick wash we were on the way again. unfortunately the weather wasnt what had been predicted and 25 to 30 know winds came back to play in the early hours . Chicken for dinner nicely made by Alex.
day Today we felt the full force of the weather with 30-35 knot winds and swells which were  at least force 8 plus . looking at the next one when you are down the bottom of the last one makes you realise how we are just a piece of plastic (a Nice piece of plastic though ) in a very big ocean. as you get to the top you enjoy that few seconds of being on top of the world. after a considerable time under pressure our lower shroud finally gave way and we had to jury rig  which was our first breakage on the trip. reducing sail will slow us down ,but not much as running under just Jib we are still getting 6.5 to 7 knots . which until tomorrow when the weather is reducing (we hope ) will be good enough . then we will try to put up a bit of the main . Jos on dinner  today after a bean and meatball thing is all we can call it at lunch , we are all looking after a nice meal of sausages and veggi with added thin pasta . .We are having a dilemma, should we use the last four eggs for “choc cake leaving a small pancake mixture “ or making to large batch's of pancakes ?? . this is a hard decision and is 50/50 at this side with Jo and Alex voting cake ,Simon and i going for the pancakes . will keep you updated .
By the way we caught a short glimps of a whale as he surfaced , looked at the weather and decided 4000ft was a nicer place to be (dont blame him)
off for a sleep before a heavy  night with our fingers crossed .