541 miles to datrmouth

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Mon 25 Apr 2016 17:21
“46:27,73N 15:50,85W”
last few days to Dartmouth and a Big Big Steak. The night started of as a pleasure and turned into no sleep crashing and banging event starting with Simon and Jo trying to keep Alex and I up . followed by Alex and I reciprocating.  Heavy seas and winds from the wrong direction made us work for our breakfast and  lunch before another afternoon of the high which brought with it 2knot winds and a sea with less swell than a swimming pool on sunday midnight . Simon is in the kitchen tonight with Chicken so who knows what will come out of there. The day was spent replacing the main outhaul and the furling outhaul. Trying to do a rope joint that is no thicker than the original is quite a feat when it comes to dynema rope. I tried to get into smoking rollups but it didnt get past the rollup part as i couldnt even do that (o well . will have to leave it up to the smelly people on board ) Simon has just become the longest daytime sleeper by staying in bed for the longest time today . Unheard off in his history . Had the Genneker up for a few hours before the winds departed us . TEA TIME now . so thats it folk .
sleep well as i think we will be after last nights ordeal . just seen the white wine come out of the fridge so will have to help them pour it . o well someone has to do it .
There has been a request from the American to sample a shebahol fruit cake to those who that mean something too . any possibility of 1 been delivered to Dartmouth .