85 Miles to go

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Sun 17 Apr 2016 14:20
“37:48.75N 30:05.85W”
The final day to the Azores is here and we are all looking forward ton the steak and chips and a nice cold beer to wash it down. We have had a very quite couple of days and look forward to being able to relax in harbour and get ourselves ready for our final leg to falmouth and then onto Hamble hopefully via Dartmouth . Watch out Dartmouth lot here we come . Food is down to two days worth (plus emergency Rations ) and water on last 18% of second tank. Fuel is more of a problem with only 17% and emergency so we will hopefully find a bit of wind for the last night ?. otherwise will just keep our fingers crossed . Sun out now and im of to top up my tan. Pancakes for breakfast and chicken for tea. o what a wonderful life. Simplicity at its best .
hopefully send photos though tomorrow when in port . signing off for now .