Day 4

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Tue 5 Apr 2016 20:42
“23:15.18N 57:29.14W”
Day 4 and we are zapping along, 450 miles, averaging 6.5 knots. Caught 1.5m Barracuda on the second day and one slightly smaller tuna on the first day, pictures to prove our catch will be uploaded on land. Fed up with fish now, had sausages and mash last night (Andy’s favourite!). I ended up with my entire meal on my lap as it slid off the table very gracefully burning my thighs and hands. I’ve been given the fitting nickname of clumsy. My challenge for tonight is to cook spaghetti Bolognese let’s hope that I can keep the food on the plate tonight! Wish me luck! Brushing up on our DIY skills, Andy and I had the job of sanding and varnishing the table, it’s now a nice golden colour in juxtaposition to it’s previous shade of dull magnolia. The farmer is doing well and is happy although his second jybe nearly snapped the boom in half and left his pride in tatters. Dad and Joe learnt ‘what not to do in a squall’, after circling around aimlessly for an while in the middle of the night following the wind vane . We saw our first fishing ship, along with flying fish hitting the deck and Andy’s leg. that was when he was awake. Hes sleeping enough for the lot of us .
Joe sums up this trip in 4 words “I am still alive!”. Unfortunately, NO MERMAIDS, NO PIRATES, NO DOLPHINS, NO WHALES... NO MOBY DICKS, FREE WILLIES OR FLIPPY.