5 Dyas to go

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Sun 24 Apr 2016 17:17
“44:45,73n 18:24,70w”
had a fab day yesterday with weather treating us fairly well . speeds of around 7knots reaching 10 at some points . overnight we kept full Jib and main so mainteined a 6.5 plus speed getting us 160 miles over 24 hours . Alex did the honours with a great pork curry and we ended the day with our game of Prudo where i won for once and some port and fruit cake (sailors Cake )
the weather is getting colder and the layers are going on . i think that Simon and Alex now are happy that they bought all those extra layers . i think Simon is up to 5 layers. Jo finishes his shift as quickly as possible then gos and de frosts himself for half an hour . he forgot thick gloves .
Today started of well and we carried on doing 6-7 knots with the odd burst of 8-9 giving us the potential to get half way by night fall . however the waves from a storm in front brought us back to 4-5 and we will have to await that thill till midnight now . Hanse sailor is holding up well and nothing Yet has given way . We are heading to Dartmouth now as we decided that Falmouth would be for next trip . Simon wants to try and get to a party over the weekend near there . I like the bay more and Jo can go for a ride on a steam train . Alex wants to get to a well know breakfast location they used t go to.
I attempted a fahita thing tonight and it tasted ok. along with a melon we were all so fill we missed our drink and game of prudo , but may be a good thing looking at the weather .
until next time sleep well as we wont be .