wind 0 motor lots

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Fri 22 Apr 2016 01:50
“40:35,10N 25:28,17W”
we eventually departed after a little wait at the fuel berth for the extra long lunch the pump attendant decided to have as it was a weekday and he needed the extra time to think about getting back to work.  All the staff at the marina office /customs and immigration were fantastic and we sadly left all wanting to stay a few more days . Simon had jumped on a powerful 50cc scooter and had  headed to the hills to see how the farmers ran things hoping to discover new farming techniques . He saw a new milking system which involved a stool, bucket and a jolly farmer underneath a cow who was producing milk on demand . He then followed a milk tanker up a farm track and proceeded to feel homesick watching and looking around the complex (at least some farmers have modernised there milking system)
WE finally got away and headed north east for a total of 20min before the wind stopped and we had to turn on the mighty engine for an hour or so . catching up with a bit of wind we sailed for 5 hours and then again put on the engine to get the speed over 3knots . Plenty of sleep later we all had breakfast and sat around reading and talking before a fabulous meal of steak ,salad and sailors cake and port . putting up the Gennaker we turned off the engine and sailed till the early hours of the morning giving me and Alex plenty of sleep. I put on the engine after patch of wind and carried on at a reasonable rate of 6knots until we get wind again.
I would just like to say what a fabulous place Horta is, with the friendly staff , the lovely scenery and the great food and locals who fully appreciate that we are there to help them survive . Will definitely return with more time .