last couple of days and we want to say out here

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Sat 16 Apr 2016 21:44
“37:02.78n 31:4666
after a little wind we changed the sails and ended up with a genneker up and ten hours later we left simon and jo to take the rain and not much more as we turned on the engine to travel the final 174 miles to the Azores . we had a final bbq and a couple of wiskeys with loud music which Alex disagreed with .( we had a oldies night)  music from pink floid , Ac Dc and Yes Abba . o do we feel old . jo giving us the dates of the music , Simon disagreeing and me saying what ever . games of prudo and more red wine that we found under the floorboard . i tried to find the music from drunken sailor but   no help from Alex ended up with brick in the wall . taken the wiskey from the cockpit table as i go down to sleep . knowing that Simon wont stop if its near him . Fab day with BBQ and nice company .