no wind but swimming

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Mon 11 Apr 2016 19:45
Location   “32:51.66N 45:02,56W”
Sitting in a pond 900 miles from nearest land and swimming behind the boat that is going at 1.5 knots . what a great feeling . had some nice winds overnight but now have gone into the centre of a hiigh which we will have to motor out off. A very pleasant day starting with a swim , Alex prepared lunch while we had a beer (Good Lad) and then a sleep before starting the engine for a 10 hour motor to the winds again. 60ish miles . will hopefully be sailing again tonight about midnight . I spent the last 6 hours cleaning the chrome and coating it with a chrome polish which says it will make it easier to clean in the future ?? will keep you updated on that one. the salt on the boat is so thick now after days of spray and then sun .
Jo is on dinner roster tonight and look,s as though he is trying to beat everyone else's past dinners .   starting 4 hours before dinner time . Simon decided to change the cords on the bucket as he dosnt want to end up overboard for some reason trying to hold onto the existing one which are to short .
Alex is stuck into dvd’s and i am now trying to get the Beam sat phone system going . we use the system without at present .holding onto the Arial while trying to connect to email ect .
well better get back to my sun bathing as it will be leaving us in the next couple of days . blog in a couple of days
signing off for now