Day 13… 27:39.76N 57:50.91W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Wed 9 May 2012 21:20
Still in search of the elusive wind. We are hoping to pick some up around latitude 30 to carry us east. Another sunny day in paradise though. Don reeled in a lovely Mahi Mahi this morning, and Nico exercised more of his culinary expertise in cooking up a brilliant fish soup / bouillabaisse.

As per Nick's request we have sailed (well, motored) 692 miles at an average of 6.7 kts. On the rhumb line that leaves 1700 miles to go to get to Ponta Delgarda, so the wind needs to get a shift on in order to get us there on time. At the moment it will be tight!

We can't actually view the blog ourselves, but i understand from Nick that the tracker is a bit hard to follow. I do know from looking at it prior to our departure that the tracker from the previous Atlantic crossing is still showing. The current tracker should be the top line plotting our trip from the Caribean towards the Azores (Portugal). If you hover over 1 of the data points it should give the date too. Hope that is of some use to you all.

x x

PS Nick I relayed your message to Ian, but he was too busy plucking his eyebrows to contribute to the blog today. So it looks like you'll have to beat him up on his return. In the mean time I'll do us all a favour and chuck the tweezers overboard.