17:34.731 N 32:41.424 W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Mon 29 Nov 2010 12:04


Chalking up the miles. Sundowners consumed. Much talk of tomorrow’s planned Sunday lunch of lamb.


Landed a snake mackerel (now referred to as devil fish) on the night nurse (NIco’s nighttime fishing line). Weather deteriorated. Was it a bad omen?


We never got supper.


Saturday night/Sunday

Big and uncomfortable seas. Breeze up to 35knots apparent. The wash cycle.


Tony’s reacted badly to comments about his waist. His bulimic tendancies are worrying, driven by his desire to be the thinnest man upon arrival.


Sunday was first day without a meal of fish or a San Miguel.


Very good night on flying fish front : collected 12 in total now which are nessling in the deep freeze ready for better weather for the marlin hunt.



Drying cycle. Nico reckons the snake mackerel was a bad omen. We have thrown it overboard. Weather has improved.


Wind eases and sun is out. The problem we have is that it is still blowing hard from the south west. We are coming to believe that trade winds from the east, much like mermaids, are a myth.