From Russia with Love

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Sun 6 May 2012 21:52
20:54..61N 61.38.68W

Very little wind again today, so the motor is still running. Spent most of the day cooking and reading, although Nico put on an impromptu 'Saga Cinema' afternoon to keep Don and Brett entertained. For the first time in a week there was nothing for them to fix so they were beginning to fidget. Cue: 007 'From Russia with Love' on OAP volume! Ian and I had to escape to the stern deck to preserve our ear drums, but even still we could hear every word. Distant boats need't have employed their Radar screens to detect us, we would have been heard for miles. In fact we received a message over VHF from the Puerto Rican Noise Abatement Officer asking us to turn the volume down.

Having caught a decent sized Kingfish earlier today, we are all looking forward to NIco's fish BBQ. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some wind so that we can at least hoist the sails.

Lots of love from us all on board Apollonia.

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