19:56.580 N 26:40.120 W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Fri 26 Nov 2010 15:09

George busy doing some school work, getting little help from his learned shipmates requiring regular hydration as instructed by Nico. Yesterday, concern was noted by mid-atlantic fishing authorities regarding Apollonia exceeding her fishing quotas as four futher large Mahi Mahi were hauled in. Sadly, Capt’n Terry Hicks’ frozen chilli con carne was sacrificed to the sharks, to make way for further freezer space for the fish processing plant.


Accident book, entry 1 – ships carpenter Rupert sustained large laceration to large toe. Ships surgeons Mc Millan and Auger carfully applied medium sized band aid, some 24 hours after a medicinal ships rum the legion has completely healed, following a night off his watch duty. Insomniac Rupert strangely seems to be sleeping like a baby.


Mahi Mahi fish soup was enjoyed last night and Don really appreciated the fish eye which Tony slipped into his second helping.


Ian just called to execute the last Mahi Mahi, bringing our total up to 9!


Sailing with MPS deployed in gentle breeze of 9 kts making 7 kts.


Sea calm with large atlantic swells of 10 metres.




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