A Proper Job'! 31:10.99N 54:20.72W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Fri 11 May 2012 12:31
Finally it feels as if we are crossing the Atlantic properly!! The past 24hrs have been action packed. Yesterday morning we were finally able to give our engine, Mr Perkins, a well earn rest. Yes, the wind arrived! It hasn't blown from the direction we were hoping but beggars can't be choosers. Since then we have been flying along at a comfy speed of nearly 8 kts on the back of a 15kts South Easterly. It feels brilliant to finally be sailing and although we were all in good spirits previously, the mood of the boat has definitely improved. If the wind holds like this for a few days we could well be back on schedule. We are keen to arrive on time in order to avoid facing an Angry Auger on the other side of the swamp!

Not only have we had wind, but we also had our best day yet on the rods. Yesterday Don and Nico caught two Yellow Fin Tuna fish, and we all awoke this morning to find that Don reeled in a 5ft Blue Marlin. Photo's to be posted later!

On top of all that 2 boats passed by during our night watches. Ian an I were met by a large ship that passed across our bow about a mile off. Bizarrely once it was on our nose she changed course and began to head towards us! In the end she passed by at a safe distance on our Starboard side, but not before making us both panic a little! On Brett's watch a Luxury motor cruiser from Miami passed by heading for the Azores who we spoke to over VHF.

Until tomorrow folks.