Sailing with the wind in our Sails. 36:24.52N 39:37.91W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Wed 16 May 2012 15:16
After 3 rather frustrating days on board cruise ship Apollonia the wind came good today and allowed us to board SY (Sailing Yacht) Apollonia once again.  Yesterday Ian and I had 2 hours of perfect wind and got the boat up to speeds of 10kts. However, as soon as we passed clear of the clouds the wind changed direction and it was back to the engine for the day. 

Last night our luck began to change.... It started with a catch on the rod, a lovely Blue fin Tuna ending our 3 day fishing drought. Then at  4 am this morning we were able to turn the engine off, hoist the sails and start sailing. Shortly after that Nico reeled in a 28lb Yellow Fin Tuna (See Photos below).
It makes such a difference to morale when we are able to sail,  adding a certain sense of justification/credibility to our Atlantic crossing on board a yacht, rather than on a motorboat. 

I have attached a few photos today to help give you a feel for life on board Apollonia. The first will be Ian's new profile picture for his "Lonely Hearts" online dating account:

"Hi my name is Ian Rory McMillan and I like sailing and rainbows"...

Don wrapped up in his offshore kit despite the blazing sun behind him:

Brett Sailing earlier this morning:

The Atlantic Swim:

Sailing around a Squall the other morning: 

Dinner, and Nico doing what he does best!.