Friday 9th December

Fri 9 Dec 2016 12:16

Friday -

All is well! Calm, light motoring conditions have been the theme the last 24-48 hours. We have been able to have a few hours with the spinnaker the last 2 days in the afternoon which as been nice. We're expecting the breeze to come back up later this afternoon and be more consistent going forward. We are hoping that means mostly sailing from here on out!

We've been seeing loads of dolphins! Last night we had a pod of several dozen and this morning 2 big ones that had pink belly's and noses! Really cool!

Otherwise not much to report. It's nice and warm now that we're down in the low latitudes and we're very pleased to be down to board shorts and t-shirts and just light fleeces at night. No more heavy wet weather gear for us! Lathering on the sunscreen and loving the smell of it!

We've changed our ships clock this morning back an hour from UTC to UTC -1.

Chicken pies for lunch and some roasted eggplant and mushroom pasta for dinner!

Closing in on the 2000nm to go mark! Woot!

<3 Vamos crew