December 5th, South of the Canaries

Mon 5 Dec 2016 11:13

Reporting in after our first 24 hours into the crossing. We are very pleased to finally be underway on the last leg of this journey.

We left Lanzarote in some nice motor sailing conditions yesterday moring at 925am our time (UTC) along with J-Class boat Velsheda, our friend on a big southernwinds called Danneskjold, and an Oyster72 Luskentyre. We shared waypoint plans over VHF and then all set on. We no longer have anyone in signt as Velsheda and Danneskjold are flying up ahead at 10-12 knots and it looked like Luskentyre was heading more southerly.

Fairly uneventful night and we had the lights of Grand Canaria to starboard for most of the night. We are finally out of sight of land and charging (slowly at the moment) West and South. The plan is to head on at a course around 240 for the next 15 or so hours and then take a hitch south at a course of 227 for about 2.5 days before turning due west and do our best to send it!

Breeze is very light and variable at the moment as expected but should fill in behind us by tomorrow and we will begin to play with the Kite and/or poled out genoa and see what we can do!

My plan will be to write maybe every other day going forward, probably around this time after I get off watch at 11am. So stay tuned!

Signing off to go make some lunch! Only 2700 miles to go!

Sending lots of love from everyone on board!

xx Jenna