Sat 17 Dec 2016 18:36

We are in the home stretch! Less than 600nm, 3 days to go! We are all feeling very good and ready to get there. We've had a lull in the breeze the past 36hrs or so but will see 25kts behind us beginning tomorrow morning the rest of the way in. Hoping that it keeps us on a speedy pace!

The boys have begun prepping for life back on land - i.e. shaving their grizzly beards - though when I say begun - I mean we have a bit of a creepy mustache trend going on at the moment haha :)

We had a fish on for the first time finally but only briefly before it got away. Hoping to hook at least one before we get in!

ETA Tuesday midday.

Just as I was finishing writing this - we had a visitor! - A little whale cruising along with us for the last 45 minutes! So cool!  Not sure what kind!