Middle of the Atlantic - Tuesday the 13th

Tue 13 Dec 2016 16:26

Middle of the Atlantic - Tuesday the 13th

Here we are in the middle of the Atlantic finally making some nice progress towards Tortola. We had been sailing along nicely but a little high of our waypoint due to the breeze angle. The breeze strenght however has come up and we can now put the pole out on the genoa and head down and voila we are right on course!

Rolling along here.. literally, it is very rolly at the moment with the waves coming behind us! We were just able to gain a little more stability with some main to the opposite side of the genoa (it was otherwise blanketing the genoa before which didnt work) so that is great news because after about 5 hours of this - though we are stoked to be on course and fast - we were quickly beginning to wonder if the direct course was worth our sanity living like this!

Now that we're sailing and not running the engine, we're conserving batteries, which means not being able to keep the TV on all day - so we have moved on from binge movie watching to reading! Woo!

1308nm to go to Necker Island Passage!