Under 1000nm to go!

Thu 15 Dec 2016 15:55

Under 1000nm to go!

Finally feeling a little sense of accomplishment again after making our gybe to the south last night to line up our final approach and shortly thereafter waking up this morning to ticking over into triple digit nautical miles to go!

We have had squally mornings both yesterday and today and are forecasted to have these daybreak squalls through to the end. Yesterday was fairly overcast for the majority of the day but today the sun has come out between rain showers and has us feeling grand!

It seems as though all the yachts are converging as our courses come together for these last several hundred miles. After nearly a week without seeing another vessel on AIS at all, we had our friends on Bystander pop up first in the early hours yesterday morning and then Eleanora, a gorgeous modern classic schooner come past us under full sail later in the afternoon. What a lovely sight! Today we've had 2 AIS buddies, A 43m sailing boat Nigaloo who cleared on past us and then another unknown vessel which is consistently about 15nm behind and just too far for their name or other data to come up.

We are currently rolling around wing-on-wing heading for our southern waypoint, where we will (if weather goes to plan) gybe again on Sunday back to the W/NW and in the rest of the way. We expect to hit the BVIs Tuesday midday, fingers crossed.

Lots of love from the crew here.