Gib to Lanz Tuesday Nov 29th

Tue 29 Nov 2016 11:47

All is well on the good ship!  We are cruising along motor sailing around 9+kts.  Beautiful conditions this morning.  Yesterday was pretty calm and mostly motoring while we were able to go full sail this morning for a while.  Had a good trip out of the straights and have been in some good company since we left.  Our friends on Nilaya are 15 miles ahead of us and then Freya is 8 miles or so behind us, both have been that way since Sunday.  We passed our friends on Black Swan but theyre still about 15 miles off our starboard hip.


The Moroccan Coastline has provided some nice shoreside lights at night, with a new moon tonight the nights have been very dark but some nice clear star-lit skies anyway!


Looking at arriving tomorrow afternoon/evening and will be trying to get in and out as fast as we can.  Unfortunately the days for surfing and riding camels were used up waiting in Gibraltar so we'll have to save those for next time!


Lots of love.