Day 4 of ??????

Wed 7 Dec 2016 12:01

Day 4 of ?????

All is well here somewhere between the Canaries and the Cape Verdes. We've not been as successful at sailing as we hope but somehow are still managing to stay on time schedule at the moment. We've been motor sailing downwind with medium to light variable winds. We pole out to port and the breeze switches so we have to gybe the pole to starboard. But then of course once we finish that it goes back the other way. We are hoping that the consisten easterly settles in Friday (looks more likely for Saturday) but then again the angle looks like it might be directly behind us again once we turn due west.

I personally am getting a little stir crazy that the conditions are not more in our favor. Joey really wants to turn the engine off and sail but we can't quite do that yet. We're managing our fuel such that motor sailing isnt hurting us, but still would rather be going fast and sailing! We shall see what the next few days bring! Even though we're not making the mileage we'd hoped, we've been able to cut out some waypoints and should hit our Friday waypoint on Friday. That is the turning mark so it's something to look forward to anyway!

We're well into our movie watching and the weather is getting warmer. Morale is good, I think I'm the only one it's getting to :) As of yesterday - Joey and I have been on this greatly drawn out passage for a whole month! Will be ready to stay put and put this boat back into cruising mode that's for sure!

Had the rod out day 1&2 and didn't catch anything. Havent since and are thinking we'll wait until we're closer to the Caribbean and have cleared some space in the freezer.

Almost time to break out the long life milk. I've been keeping vegetables in the cockpit fridge and so there has not been any room for drinks - so we've all just been drinking water and tea. I've managed to keep the boys off soft drinks for now but I think we are quickly approaching filling the slowly emptying fridge with cans. To be fair - I didn't really buy much soda or sugary drinks anyway.

Meals for Tuesday was sandwiches and thai green chicken curry for dinner. As I'm typing Joey is just cleaning up from making some bacon and eggs this morning. We've got chili and salad on the menu for lunch and then so Pho noodle veggie soup for dinner.

Think windy thoughts (from the right direction) for us!!!