1 Week Down 1 Week to Go! _ Sunday the 11th

Sun 11 Dec 2016 12:43

1 Week Down 1 Week to Go!

Here we are a full week after having departed Lanzarote. We finally made the turn due West yesterday and have been able to fly the spinnaker during the days so far! It's been great! Joey is hand steering at the moment and totally in his element loving life. We're doing 10+kts consistently with the kite up which is great for our progress. We saw 16.1kts SOG a little bit ago too! The breeze is trending upwards and it looks like we may go without the kite for a few days and will be able to hopefully sail well at a decent angle with the genoa and main. It will be great if that's the case so we can sail at night - last night was slow and really awfully rolly. We'll be playing the angles a bit more as the breeze comes easterly on us which you may notice on the yellowbrick but it should be a good thing overall!

Since we hit the 19deg latitude yesterday we can really feel the difference of officially being in the tropics. Flying fish galore (3 on deck so far) and really nice hot sun and warm nights.

For the most part we're all really staying up most of the day, partly because its pretty calm and i think also because its getting too hot to sleep!

Meal rundown: (everything but the)kitchen sink Veggie Bowls yesterday lunch and then pork tenderloin, roast veg couscous, and cheesy cauliflower&broccoli. Today is Meatball Subs for lunch here shortly and then stuffed chicken breasts with TBD for dinner!

1750nm miles to go! We can almost taste the painkillers!

xx Jenna