Kupang, lat 10.09.715S, long 123.34.189E

Splinters Apprentice
Bone & Beth Bushnell
Sat 30 Jul 2011 00:13
Kupang is OK but doesnt showcase Indonesia well. It is noisy, frenetic, choatic but Customs etc were organised, friendly and polite. We are now proud possessors of a forest of paper relating to the boat!
The whole Sail Indonesia Rally is obviously extremely important to Indonesia so we have lots of speeches but also traditional dancing and free dinners.
Travelling by Bemo is proving interesting. It is unusual to arrive where you were heading so it's always an adventure. We never did find the market and reports are that the shopping mall is even more elusive.
We aim to leave for the islands tomorrow. It will be nice to sleep in and not be woken by the call to prayers at 4am.