Port Vila, Vanuatu Lat 17.44.67S, long 168.18.73E

Splinters Apprentice
Bone & Beth Bushnell
Thu 14 May 2009 03:10
Safely arrived in Vanuatu after what must be the cushiest, easiest, driest sail out of NZ ever. We had no more than 20kts (maybe a smidge more in squalls), the wind never came forward of the beam, seas were no more than 3m swell the day we left and were less after that, and squalls were rare. It was hence a little slow, and took us 10 days but we had plenty of food. It was also quite cool. The morning we arrived it was only 16deg in Vila.
It is delightful to be back here but it is a lot more sophisticated than in 2001 and a lot more traffic. We've even got a mobile with 80% coverage in all the islands--- yes well, we will reserve judgement on that.
We are enjoying shopping in the local market but it's a bit early in the growing season so no tomatoes or lettuce yet but lots of those wonderful Pampelmouse, Papaya and fresh coconuts for the essential evening Rum tipple.
We are hoping to get away at the weekend and push on fairly smartish to Pentecost island to see the Land Diving. Then wander around getting some diving in up in the Torres islands.