New Caledonia, Lat 20.14.23S. Long 164.18.20E.

Splinters Apprentice
Bone & Beth Bushnell
Wed 5 Aug 2009 21:55
We are in not so sunny New Caledonia wearing fleeces and blanket on the bed. The pate, bagette, and wine are wonderful but we are back to north europe prices, not so much fun.
The passage down from port vila was really good and quick . We caught the edge of a low with north winds 15kts and reached Noumea just before the rain and wind started. We had an OCC meet in Vila before we left with 5 OCC bats including Sunstone (Tom and Vicky), and Skylax (Rod and Lu Heikell).
We had a good time in Vanuatu but the weather was very unsettled with too many lows so we spent a lot of time hurrying to safe shelter--- just like being back home really. We managed a few dives but not as many as we had hoped.
Now we are circumnavigating New Caledonia. There are just no boats on this east coast, some nice anchorages but too often we are anchoring on coral with a little bit of sand over it, not conducive to a restful nights sleep. Lots of reefs to miss and the rock is dark red nickel based so not easy to see but Cmaps/maxsea is, for the first time, spot on . It is amazing, we're not on the shore , or a reef but actually where we think we are!
Today we are anchored in Pam bay in the northern lagoon. It is raining, cool and forecast to blow but no wind yet. It is a lovely sheltered anchorage and quite pretty, none of the mine scarring that so marrs the east coast.