43:45N 65:20W Shelburne Nova Scotia

Madeleine and Martin
Sun 24 Aug 2014 17:35

2014 did not start well. Madeleine injured her knee skiing. So our cruising plans were delayed by the injury, the operation and recuperation. However, with a pressing need to leave US waters by the 10th June (expiry of Cruising Permit ) the Senior Son, Alex, was drafted  in as crew originally for an emergency run to Bermuda. In the event Madeleine was sufficiently recovered to contemplate acting as an executive passenger on the cruise to Nova Scotia. Due to Alex’s time constraints, it became a’ delivery trip’ rather than a ‘cruise’. (Here ends excuse for further delays on the blog!)

We left Deltaville on 6th June and then after an overnight stop opposite Norfolk we set off to make the passage to New York dropping the hook in Sandy Bay on 8th June with a ghostly view of Manhattan in the evening mist. We dined on “The Fish” caught by Alex - a fine sea-bass – no, a baby Tuna – no, a Bonito (thank heavens for the Internet!). Sailing through New York Harbour the following day was a highlight, with the iconic landmarks appearing slowly through the early mist and a memorable moment when Alex announced that there was “a really good steakhouse over there…….” Passing under the bridges of the East River we finally anchored in the western end of Long Island Sound. It was all too quick but we had to press on with the permit ticking away.

Suffice to say that visits to Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard again passed all too quickly and then out into the Gulf of Maine en route to Nova Scotia. Up to that point the sailing had been easy if a bit damp. We thought Alex would enjoy the experience of a nice little gale in the Gulf but in the event he was off watch and slept through the entire event! We made a very proper approach to Nova Scotia i.e. slowly, in thick fog; how can it be so thick when the wind is blowing? We finally dropped anchor in the early hours of Thursday 19th June in the sheltered approaches to Shelburne Harbour 813 miles north of Deltaville.

So, were we out of American waters by 10th June? Our answer lies somewhere in the The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, obviously written solely for our benefit.