17:00.8N 61:46.5W Falmouth Harbour Antigua

Madeleine and Martin
Sat 29 Dec 2012 11:30
0800 Saturday .
Just kidding. It is indeed Antigua. Arrived at sunrise; spectacular. Now at anchor and waiting to go into the Antigua Yacht Club marina later today to see customs and then hit the clean up.
So for those who like the statistics that was a passage of 2897 miles (to achieve a route of 2650 miles – less than 10% lost to Zig zag) completed in just under 18 days 17 hours; an average speed of 6.45 knots. Crew both alive and well  - and still speaking to each other!
This is the last blog until we set off for the BVI in a few days time. In the meantime sleeping, eating and drinking – not necessarily in that order! A very Happy New Year to one and all.