65:22.0N 12:01.0E Torghatten

Madeleine and Martin
Tue 3 Jul 2012 06:18
“Once upon a time, a giant troll, Hestamennen ( the horseman obviously) became besotted with a beautiful ogress, Lekamoya, when he glimpsed her bathing in the sea with her six sisters. He decided to steal her away at midnight (night is when the trolls in this part of the world come out to play). As he galloped southwards the seven sisters saw him and fled as far as Alstahaug, where they flung themselves exhausted to the ground. When Lekamoya fled on Hestamannen raised his bow to shoot her; if he could not have her then no one else should. But the King of the mountains, Lekamoya’s gaurdian, deflected the arrow with his hat. (I hope you are keeping up). Dawn broke, the rising sun turned the trolls into the mountains of Hestamannen near Melfjord and the seven sisters into the Syv Sostre range on the island of Alsten.”  (Seems a bit hard on them......) And what I hear you ask happened to the King’s hat; well it turned into the mountain of Torghatten of course and we know this because from the exact spot at sea listed above (and nowhere else) you can see right through the hole in the mountain made by the arrow. So with a fair wind, for a change, we sailed to the mountain of Torg’s hat, the cloud lifted and low and behold the light shone through the hole in the mountain. We have concluded that it is not safe to sail at night around here; but then again there’s not much night to speak of!