16:56.1N 61:42.2W

Madeleine and Martin
Sat 29 Dec 2012 09:55
2000 Friday Day 19
The moment Christmas was over i.e. 0000 27th, the wind finally arrived and plenty of it. We remember this. This is trade wind sailing; speed, splash. sparkle! Funny how one forgets the accompanying shake, rattle and roll...... The high cloud of yesterday slowly cleared away, replaced by gigantic cloudscapes and a few dramatic squalls with sudden wind shifts. But still speed, splash and sparkle (and roll). And now a brilliant moon that you can read a book by – OK large print on the Kindle, but still. Just heard Guadeloupe radio on the VHF – odd; thought we were going to Antigua. Not necessarily. That’s why by maritime tradition the ship’s log reads “towards” not “to”. Always need a bit of leeway; you never know. So, on stepping ashore we will check. “Excuse me, is this Antigua?” Blank look. Try again. “Arnteeegwah?” Dawning smile, “Hey mon. What you on?” Yup, we need leeway.
0500 Saturday
Land Ho! Drama by moonlight!