60:15.357N 05:14.254E

Madeleine and Martin
Thu 31 May 2012 19:49
And so dear readers we are indeed in Norway. Our third attempt over the years has finally come to fruition and judging by the first day the effort has been well worth while. We made a slow start from Kirkwall on Monday carrying a bit of a headache courtesy of our Canadian friends on “Darwin Sound” who entertained us royally the previous evening. We sailed to the Bay of Holland off the island of Stronsay for a late lunch and then on to Linga Holm to see the seals, only two of whom put in a rather indifferent appearance. A quiet night at anchor and then an 0400 start for the passage to Norway. The weather reports from all sources predicted a long boring motor-sail and then half a gale off the coast of Norway. But lo, what is this a fair wind from the arctic North! The Lo over Norway exceeds all expectations and once clear of the Orkney Islands we are under sail all the way and romping along. We came as close to Fair Isle as we are ever likely to, and then off into the desert a.k.a. the North Sea. The bright lights of Oil and Gas terminals stand in the oasis but they are outshone by the constant close encounter flying displays from the Fulmar whose cousins accompany us all the way.  Needless to say the predictions for the coast of Norway were right and we arrived the following day well reefed. Sailing through the late afternoon and early evening 15 miles through the inner islands was a delight shared by a ridiculous assortment of ferries, gunboats, sailboats and dinghies. 284 miles in 38 hours. And so to the little Marina at Hjellestad, beautiful, windy and right under the flight path to Bergen Airport! In fact you should be able to see us from the starboard side of any aircraft as you fly in...