Over half way! Pos: 15 58.26N, 42 20.63W

Halsway Grace
Robin and Sue carter
Sun 4 Dec 2011 14:24
So,only 1000 miles to go! They are treating me very gently, trying to keep me in one piece and so we are at the back of the fleet with only a couple of boats a pedalo and canoe slower as Cliff pointed out!       I am  now heading south a bit to avoid an area of little wind in a couple of days time. They are sending a couple of pictures of navigation now and then, we are using both just in case.
Food seems  to be the dominating topic of conversation on board at present. They are just about at the end of fresh veg,  apples and oranges remaining and the women have been cooking large quantities of chicken from the vacuum packs fearing they may not last much longer so its chicken curry, stew, coronation, sandwiches, and any other concoction they can think of. Meanwhile the eggs are being offset by the prunes!
Due to the excess of meat, Robin has not been allowed to fish again however flying fish keep landing on my deck to be found days later in a state of rigor mortis.
The crew seem to be in good spirits, still enjoying inter boat  quizes although VHF contact is difficult as we are so spread out  and my SSB radio won’t transmit due to some gremlin in the works. Great news that although we may be near the end of the fleet we are currently  leading the field in the Bothenhampton village  quiz.
It would be good to hear from anyone who would like to drop us a short line at this address ( no attachments please!)
Best wishes to all

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