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Halsway Grace
Robin and Sue carter
Mon 28 Nov 2011 10:17
Well I have now sailed into new waters having crossed the Tropic of Cancer. However, the tropics seem to be as cold, windy and bouncy as my trip across the Irish Sea. The crew get very excited when they see pods of pilot whales, squadrons of flying fish (two tried to hitch a lift on my deck) and a few dolphins. Little do the know about what goes on under my keel! Higgs (the hardworking windvane helmsman) and I feel rather left out when fresh bread and steak curry smells emit from my cabin – all we get is wind and water.However, I am now wearing my new headsail as well as my jib, and these are working well together giving my mainsail a well earned rest. Joy of Joys, I’ve also had a new loo pump fitted and feel a lot less bloated now!!
Onward and Westward, Halsway Grace