the end in sight

Halsway Grace
Robin and Sue carter
Tue 13 Dec 2011 16:11
...well almost! I now have 30 miles to go before I deliver my human cargo to Rodney Bay in St Lucia and slow going it is. The first 2 weeks of our voyage were blessed with good wind which the crew treated cautiously and the last week has seen hardly any wind and I’ve been sailing whenever possible to eak out my fuel reserves. Progress has been very slow as I expect those of you following my progress have noticed. But the crew have not been idle, they continue trying to surpass each other with culinary feats, they’re certainly dining well!
My ETA is approximately 6pm local time at which point the crew will be downing rum punches. So Annie if you would like to join us for a synchronised celebration, we are 4 hours behind GMT so it would be about 10pm with you. Drinkies then? It would probably be about nightcap time for you. Cheers!
Its hot here, 30 deg C, 90 F, luckily our apparent  wind is keeping them cool
I’ll let you all know when we are settled in,