The Off! 26.33.30N 15.56.43W

Halsway Grace
Robin and Sue carter
Mon 21 Nov 2011 10:28
Well now-1 p m was our scheduled time to depart, with the large boats, the real racing boats and the catamarans starting earlier. What a sight it was watching all the boats-I was so excited and raring to go! My crew kept me well under control though and leaving the marina was effortlessly acheived. Oh how grand I felt with people waving and cheering as we motored out of the harbour. Then the sails were set and we were ready for the off – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-BANG! What a jostling as boats from all nationalities set off! We sailed off, with the sun benignly watching us, round Gran Canaria and into the night. My friend, Higgs, the hydrovane, was activated to assist my automatic steering and with a few alterations to my sails my crew and I sailed under a fantastic canopy of stars. Come the morning we had sailed some 109 nautical miles during which I sometimes rushed along at 8.4 knots! My average was 6 knots so that’s not bad is it. Oh yes-and the rising of a perfect banana moon  added to the delight of the stars.
It is now morning on Mon 21st and guess what-the dolphins came to play with me! Delightful-quite made my lady crew (Sue and Hazel) ooo and ahhh with pleasure.
My sails are now “goosed-winged” and my men crew (Robin and Roy) are having a well-earned snooze. I think I will too!