Nyaminyami II Blog - Monday 07.12.13 1100hrs

Nyaminyami 2 Diary
Francis Williams
Mon 9 Dec 2013 11:26

By Chris Haworth ...Carols By Graham Pike!


After the Dolphin pod visit at dawn yesterday a gloriously sunny day was spent under spinnaker heading roughly for the target in 10/15kts of wind 7.5 kts of bt speed. Hopefully a good 24 hr Run .....but unfortunately the guys in the north got through – we are now 3rd  100 miles behind the leader and just a few behind 2nd boat. With the wind due to stay in the NE veering East for the next few days it is now doubtful we will catch them....hey ho we weren’t really racing were we!


Dinner was Stir fry Beef with Spaghetti and veg with a full bodied red, followed by fresh mango and coffee.


Last night I followed the ‘silver avenue’ for about 3 hours! I was on first watch between 1000 to 0100 the night was cloudy but warm (tee shirt and shorts) with a faint half moon behind cloud not very starry. Good breeze about 15 kts on the beam and 7.5kts bt speed. During the first hour or so the sky cleared from the north with the clouds lifting across the sky very slowly like the curtain of a theatre raising to reveal the greatest show on earth! Even though it happened slowly it was really exciting (we haven’t had a really starry night for the last few) It was if the ‘plot’ of a play was unfolding as almost one by one the stars were introduced in their different constellations. For the first time on this trip the principle player turned up the moon was really quite bright making the whole ocean visible. Fortuitously it was situated right in the direction of our heading and a long silver avenue (of its shimmering reflection) stretched before me on the water ...I wasn’t sure if I felt like one of the three kings following the star or Judy Garland on the yellow brick road – It was so enjoyable I over stayed my watch until 0200, I wasn’t sure if it was the Scarecrow, the Tin Man or Francis who eventually relieved me but the whole experience was certainly magical!


I have left room in this Blog for Grahams Carols but frankly after several days of composition the results are to say the least a little less than classic! He has non the less insisted they be published in full  and expects all Blog followers to ‘sing them loud and sing them proud’ around their Christmas Trees......with apologies.... here you go:


To good King Wenceslas:


Good King Francis last looked out on the person steering,

Why are you 10 degrees out was.. his enquiring

Brightly shone the moon that night though the wind was fading

If St Lucia ever comes in sight it will be amazing


Bring me rum & bring me punch bring me Jane’s fine dinner

Keep the spini up all night and we will be the winner

Who left the fridge on all night.. flattening the batteries

It was just an oversight, now we’re out of fu.. oo..el


To The Holly & the Ivy:


The Geni and the mainsail, When they are both full set,

Of all the sails on the yacht, The Spini wears the crown.


With the rolling of the Ocean and the blowing of the wind,

With the winching of the spini sheets sweet surfing down the waves


While Shepherds watch their flocks by night:


While Francis sailed the Yacht last night across the Atlantic Sea,

The wind decreased to ze..ro and there was mutiny.

Fear not said Fra a mighty throng of dolphins will appear

And sure enough they turned up quick arriving from the rear


Please give us a tow we did implore, the wind has been a sod,

They formed a group around the boat and called themselves i pod!



Your Mid Atlantic correspondent signing off slightly embarrassed at this tripe – but still enjoying the sleigh ride (if not the music!)....about 800miles to go!


Love to all of all here on Nyaminyami II getting in the Christmas Spirit!