Nyaminyami II Blog Wednesday 27.11.13 - 1600hrs

Nyaminyami 2 Diary
Francis Williams
Sun 1 Dec 2013 19:26


By Chris Haworth.


Last night was another black one ...but not a beauty! Heavy rain G & I got soaked, no visibility, winds light and variable, eventually veered in to SW 7-10 knts, with 6 knts boat speed Nyaminyami impressive! By morning back to 12-18 knts  from SW close hauled on port cruising at 7knts now in clear skies & sunshine perfect vis and conditions.


All well and happy on board although we are a little worried about Graham. He has been rolling around in the front cabin allot groaning and emerged this morning saying he had experienced something important - then recited the following poem:


Nyaminyami she is more than a boat, she is a home.


Nyaminyami she carries us securely across the ocean and gives us peace.


Nyaminyami she is more than a home she is a friend.


Nyaminyami she is more than a friend  – she is a lover!


Nyaminyami I hold her at the helm and she vibrates with passion!


Hmmn ...we currently have laid him down in the cockpit (appropriate we thought) and are pouring cold water over him. We think he might be missing Tessa! – I’m sleeping in the saloon tonight!


Have no worries back home Nyaminyami is looking after us – light winds ahead but moral high.


Love from us all - to all.