Nyaminyami II Blog Thursday 12.12.13 - 1200hrs

Nyaminyami 2 Diary
Francis Williams
Thu 12 Dec 2013 12:52

By Chris Haworth.


Today’s Blog subject: Blog writing!


Yesterday was, I am pleased to say, another groundhog day! A brilliant days sailing in a ENE 18/22Knts sea state still big and disturbed bowling along, rolling, yawing and pitching ....quite difficult to sleep at times without wedging yourself is some corner of the cabin/bunk.. dozing in fear you will be tipped out at any moment! But the wind is warm, and it is mainly sunny in daylight hours (although we did have a couple of showers ..that passed quickly!). A bit ‘stuffy’ down below (because the hatches and air vents are mainly closed due to spray coming over the deck)..especially when the cooking is going on..I mean, Jane, really?  Last night was some serious action with  steady 30kts from 1000hrs to 0600hrs gusting 35/40kts full on surfing top speed 13.5kts (which is pretty good for a 12ton non planning hull) constant shall we reduce the sail considerations but because we’re running at about the same pace as an ever increasing swell we held on with fine results – A good run of 187 miles on the clock in the last 24 hrs,  only 250 miles to go yeooooo!


So what of this Blog writing? Jane told me on arrival it was my job! Sharing ones thoughts is both fun, from the perspective that I know there are many close family and friends who have wanted to share the trip with us (and it has been a pleasure to do so),  but it also makes one feel slightly vulnerable! Do people really want to hear immature philosophical wanderings of your ‘Atlantic correspondent’ ? Does your Atlantic Correspondent really want to share some of his innermost thoughts? Has he done so or did he hold back on the tougher stuff?

Despite my lack of confidence that anybody really wants to read what I have to say (sometimes I think people must think I am a complete twit/fool!), I do know there are a couple of close family and friends, at least, who are on my ‘wavelength’ and know me well enough to ‘read between the lines’...I hope they will be getting something out of it . I have found the trip emotional at times, especially thinking about lots of things that I sometimes don’t have time to, reflective, educational in many ways, amazing and enjoyable in many others. On balance, as usual  I have concluded that, despite the personal ‘risk’, communication (in this case blogging), and in particular sharing something of oneself, is better and more rewarding than not doing so (even if the conclusion is that he is just a silly old fool... perhaps that is me!). You will have got to know a little more about me through these blogs (and perhaps me about myself) – I hope when we next meet that will help us to either form or strengthen a small bond/relationship (however small that might be) that will be stronger and more meaningful than would otherwise have been the case. Naturally, I/we hope you have enjoyed reading these blogs...just in case you are wondering what state Graham will be on his return, some of Grahams poetry & Verse  wasn’t entirely original! He would like to acknowledge the contribution of Eva of the Severn Seas (I think she has a web site) who we met in Las Palmas and whose book we bought to support her solo sailing/adventuring, from whence some of the poetry emanated – he is fine...I think!


ETA, St.Lucia finish line, remains early morning Saturday – The weather pattern is stable and therefore, barring any unforeseen events, Graham & I are confident we will make our Virgin Atlantic flight home Saturday early evening (it seems funny to think we will flying over the same ocean that has just taken us three weeks to cross ... I don’t suppose we will ever fly over an ocean again with quite the same perspective or perhaps recalling our happy experiences on Nyaminyami II !). They say you should take time in life’s garden  to ‘smell the roses’...applying this to traversing the Atlantic is certainly true for me.....


The bad news is this adventure is almost over (for the time being! ...Chapter one I hope!) the good news is you only have to read two more blogs after this one!


From all the Crew on Nyaminyami II – Love and best wishes to all our ‘readers’.