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Nyaminyami 2 Diary
Francis Williams
Sun 1 Dec 2013 19:26


By Chris Haworth.


Blog subject today: The size of your ‘backside’, Weddings, Memory, Those that went before!


After a beautiful day yesterday Jane served up Rum punch sundowners at 1830  breeze arrived on queue early evening, had a leisurely Crew dinner, fried chicken strips in breadcrumbs (have we reached Kentucky?), with freshly made ratatouille, fresh vegetables potatoes, followed by hand whisked chocolate mousse and cream – another proposal declined! Breeze slowly strengthened through the night – we have now had 12 hours of SE’s with a 2 hour spell of 25/30 knts power reaching ...Fra where is the code zero stowed? 0600 Couple of reefs expertly executed by our skipper (fresh from his bed) in his briefs, Nyaminyami didn’t lose a knot of boat speed and he didn’t even get wet from the spray and rain!  0730 a massive rain storm for good measure – got drenched but hey that’s the territory – spent this morning drying out boat and after a lull back to 15 knts S/SE on the beam and pointing at target – downloaded Grib should have this wind for 24 hrs...Yeoooo!


Went on solo watches watch last night Jane went first to Midnight,  Graham till 0200, Fra until 0430 – me until about 0800 (but had to disturb Fra for reefing assistance!). Despite the relatively boisterous conditions, when solo on watch, there is a surprising  amount of time to think! I thought of all those that had gone before us on this ocean, Columbus, Nelson, ancient Mariners, Slaves, Chichester, the first single handed round the world sailors Knox Johnson, Mortisier Crowhurst, but also most vividly those gone before in life, Family (especially mum, but also June & Charles & Penelope) and friends and for some reason Merliners David Robinson, Patrick King, Steve, feelings of sadness at their absence but also gratitude for having known them ..to miss quote a famous saying...better to have been loved and lost than never have loved at all! – Have we ‘lost’ them? I think they stay with us in some way unknown and not fully comprehended – In the complexity of the universe, I am seized by the thought that we are somehow missing a ‘dimension’ – the continuum of ‘Time’ confuses us and that we will figure it out or it will somehow be revealed and we will all be together! (the writings of Richard Bach come to mind). Certainly a comforting thought - I wonder if we do that for precisely that reason, comfort ...and that’s it...          – actually, I can’t explain it (and I do not believe it is some ultimate personal defence mechanism to protect me) - but, I don’t think so!


The crew agree that a brilliant memory enables full exploitation of one’s intelligence. Nothing new in that but  I recently saw a TV program about the future, and the proposition that the human brain is at its capacity already, heavily reliant on technology for ‘processing’ information and data. But even artificial intelligence can’t actually ‘think’! Apparently we are already experimenting with inserting ‘chips’ (artificial memory) in to the brain which has potential to increase hugely our memory and processing speed! I’m not entirely sure we want to accurately remember everything and it will certainly ruin my pleasure at enjoying the same thing a second time (or even several) through having forgotten the ‘first’ – (roll on dementia!!)  But perhaps such developments will enable us to understand the ‘dimension’ to which I refer!


So to aft ends – Fra says modern ones are all very wide and nice and round at the edges when viewed from behind Graham and I prefer the traditional look tucked in and tight!  Jane, says the ‘Galloway shelf’ is legendary (quite where, and where she is coming from we are not sure) but on the basis of quick comparison we believe her!


And finally weddings – last night we discussed modern attitudes to the subject – in particular who pays and how much was reasonable to expend ...I have a particular view being  the father of three daughters and still planning my own (... you have to be sure!). News over the airways is that Grahams son Ben has got engaged to the beautiful Anna – Yeoooooooow – Great celebrations and heartfelt congratulations to you both from the middle of the Atlantic! As of this morning Graham has adopted a strangely conventional approach to the subject!


On that note of changing attitudes news and views we send anybody reading this blog fondest love and best wishes – from the happy, philosophical & medative crew of Niaminyami II.