Nyaminyami II Blog Monday 25.11.13 - 1600hrs

Nyaminyami 2 Diary
Francis Williams
Sun 1 Dec 2013 19:26

By Chris Haworth & Graham Pike.


After the excitement of yesterdays start and first few hours we settled down to our first night at sea – for me effectively the first nights proper sailing ever. I have read about the night sky at sea away from light pollution of the land – we have all at times in our   universe – the thought of star light arriving here from stars dead and gone years ago – is there anybody else out there? what would they be like – would they be ‘intelligent’? understand love? Teach and share their resources/experience with us? Save us from ourselves or exploit/enslave or destroy us?  – what would the human race do to others? (whales, dolphins, fish on our own planet!).

Star Gazing – Mind boggling – good to have time and peace to do so!


Back to the real world beautiful dawn  - winds freshened kite up! 15 knots heading south to Capo Verde Islands as weather forecast on direct route is for very light winds. We are hoping for classic trade winds further south!


– Incident of the day: 1400hrs Francis thinking he has hooked a Blue Marlin in 20 knots of N.Westerly  running at 10 knots with spinnaker are incompatible! Scramble for kite dousing – Big ‘reel in’ with waist harness rod holder by our skipper .....nothing! Fra reckoned it was at least 200 pounder!  Having lost a couple of miles Graham and I think time spent hunting moby dick might be better saved for pre-caught delicacy in St.Lucia restaurant!


No fish for supper!