Barbados & St Lucia pics

Nigel North
Fri 2 Mar 2012 04:01
Congratulating eachother on a good crossing....BARBADOS
Anchorage - Port St Charles, BARBADOS
Mike with his rowboat - having just completed his crossing from Morocco
Booze Cruisers - Barbados style.   Bridgetown, BARBADOS
Yacht Club Beach bar - Port St Charles Marina, BARBADOS
Farewell to the very best of crew.. Port St Charles, BARBADOS
Mid channel visitor, on the way to St LUCIA
Rounding Moule a Chique promontory - southern tip of St LUCIA
Catamaran  with blown out genoa in the strong winds
Passing the Pitons - big and little - with blown cat in the foreground
Paul and Sam, with a shipwrecked Skipper - Rodney Bay, St LUCIA