Day 2 Position: N27.22,812 W15.53,54

Nigel North
Thu 26 Jan 2012 11:38
Pinball finally set off, late, at 1700 yesterday.  It was supposed to be 1400, but after Alfie had given the Skippers two broken pairs of glasses to Suzi to give to her man Rick on 'Tin Lizzie' in the faint hope that this amazingly handy young man - who for instance has just welded two inspection plates on 'Bulle's fuel tank next to us - might be able to weld them, proved delaying material.  Rick doesn't get up early, to put it mildly.  Lets say midday as the norm.  But when he did, he looked at the pile of broken bits and announced that it was not possible and went back to bed; lay there thinking, then got up again and fixed them with epoxy glue.  Grateful beyond belief, Skipper went down to 'Tin Lizzie' to thank them for their kindness - he charged about a fiver for all his trouble - and was immediately invited in to admire his ten ton 36' boat that he had built himself from scratch, shown the build photos, introduced to Shaggy the stray dog, and left helpless with laughter at Shaggy's party trick.  At the command 'Heil Hitler' Shaggy would immediately raise one paw stiffly vertical in a perfect salute (didnt think a dog could physically do that) and sat there awaiting his reward.  Rick and Suzi are working their way around the big wide world, and have been here on and off for a few years.  Thinking the Skipper had fallen overboard, Alfie finally went looking for him and joined in.  Then the 'Bulle' crew - Belgians Patrick and Anya - returned on board just as Pinballs crew looked like they might actually leave, and Anya immediately began some serious horn blowing  and deck dancing to celebrate our departure.  Clearly they had enjoyed a refreshing lunch prior to this, as Anya who claimed to be unable to speak English, suddenly started to.  Then, at last, it was 'Let go for'd' and we were reversing out from  the pontoon - accompanied by a lot of horn blowing and waving from Tin Lizzie and Bulle. 
A quick stop to refuel next to a large shiny white Norwegian boat, and we were off. 
With a steady NE wind the genoa was poled out port side and we made good progress downwind.  But at 2300 the wind died completely and we drifted in the Canaries Current southwards at 1- 1.5 knots.  Then at 4am Wendy the Windgenerator whizzed into life again and PW started moving - but not for long.  Approaching the southern end of Gran Canaria, the winds have been fluky and have now reversed completely to a southerly right on the nose, so we are under engine again which is not what we would wish.  The forecast winds are for steady NE'ly, so this is probably a local effect downwind of the mountains.  The hope is that the prevailing winds will return soon..!
Last night was split into 3 hour watches, and  uneventful other than a spectacular sky of a billion stars and sliver of a moon.  Some stars were even bright enough to reflect off the water giving a glittering light trail, and the wake was marked by phosphorescence, with a water temperature of 21deg.  This will steadily increase as we creep southwards.  Our course is towards the northernmost of the Cape Verde Islands leaving the opportunity to stop or continue on.  We are both well, have had some sleep, and Alfie has announced that he is enjoying himself. 
PICS:  Patric and Anya on 'Bulle'
PW Crew
Leaving Las Palmas