Nigel North
Sat 21 Jan 2012 22:00
Saturday 21 Jan 2011:    The last two days have been VERY frustrating, with a lot of time wasted on the computer trying to sort out problems caused by downloading software that came with the Satphone - and then having to remove it as it was causing chaos.  One particular programme was making the processor run at 100% permanently, effectively crippling it..and me.  Removing it then messed up a driver and so on.  All nearly back to normal now, but unable to log on to the wifi here which is most annoying just before we depart - when comms with friends and family are most important and needed.  Sigh.. So once again the Vodaphone dongle has been brought out to make the connections - at a price!  
Otherwise good work has been done, with a reorganised forepeak storage area, extra water stowed away all over the place, a spotlessy clean heads thanks to Alfie (he volunteered!) and a newly painted spare windvane for the Windpilot self steering - another Alfie masterpiece.  The dinghy has been deflated and stowed midships giving more room up forward, and the new heavy weather jib prepared in its bag on deck for some twin headsail downwind sailing, the idea being that the genoa is poled out one side and the jib the other giving a stable pair of sails to drive the boat along in the Tradewinds. 
So, this coming week should see us heading SSW in the general direction of the Cape Verde Islands - some 800 miles away.  The weather here in Las Palmas is still most pleasant, but just a tad chilly on the legs at night - for those of us still in shorts. The sea temperature has slowly dropped from 23 deg on arrival back in mid November to just under 20 now giving similar air temperatures. Heaven...! 
Attached pics:  1.  Silly hats.  2. Patric - the Belgian next door on his homemade plywood yacht Bulle, who has had to completely remove his fuel tank and have access holes cut into it so he could clean out the nasty microbes living there.  3.  Susie, the Brit ex tattooist who's lived here on and off for four years. She and her man Jim leave for Morocco every six months to avoid paying the import duties required for stays over 6 months.