PINBALL WIZARD - DAY 24 - 17 Feb 2012

Nigel North
Fri 17 Feb 2012 23:28

Friday, 17 February 2012

DAY 24

POSITION: 13:15.02N 58:28.26W

Well family and chums, the excitement of the successful (near) completion of the voyage is tinged with sadness that the journey is also nearly over, strange feeling. When I signed up for this gig I had no real idea of how it would feel and if I would really enjoy it, just that Nige would appreciate a hand. Now it’s nearly over and I can say that I have enjoyed it beyond all measure, good and low points. Nige is a great travelling companion and is better at this sailing lark than he gives himself credit for. (typical).

Last night the sky was virtually clear and the moon didn’t come out to play ‘til late so the solar system could be seen in all its glory. Daylight brought on the promise of another fine day and so it was. Nige has seen more birds but not identifiable and as we made our way slowly west I spot some amazing ‘things’ in the sea. They look for all the world like coloured plastic pasty / scolloped shaped bottles. They were pink / mauve depending on the light on them and appeared to have fishing nets attached. Can you tell what it is yet? No. nor could I. As soon as he woke up I told Nige about them and yes, you guessed it, he knew they were Portugese Men of War jellyfish. Apparently they hoist their sail and go with the wind. Very beautiful and very dangerous. Fortunately we see more as the day goes on so this won’t go down as another moth story.

Later in the day the wind drops and with it our speed. Nige begins to think making our speed alteration last night was a mistake. The mizzen is set and we plod on currently making around 4-5 knots, we’ll be ok, 75 miles to go.

Today marked the end of the beard I’m afraid. Took some doing though, but it has been confined to the deep and I‘m a bit of skin again. After customs etc the next job will be dhobying, showering and beer, but possibly not in that order. Nige will be sorting out his rowlocks, I’m sure. Long night ahead for me so I’ll sign off with my thanks to all for the support.