13:14S, 163:06W

Richard and Rachel Caswell
Fri 14 Aug 2009 20:52
Suwarrow. Here at last !
We left Bora Bora in good tail winds, so made great progress the first two days out, with the second 24 hours being our fastest on Kachina yet - 183 NM ! What a great old Gal she is ! And that's with just poled out headsails, the genoa being well reefed in the end. Seas were quite rolly, but keeping the speed up made it more manageable. Then the wind started to die out on us and we ended up motoring for 30 hours, and not making it in time to get there during daylight, so we ended the trip with our slowest day ever as we only had to average 3.5 knots an hour to arrive the next morning as we only had 88 miles to go.....lucky it was nearly a full moon, and calm seas, which made for a very pleasant night indeed. My kind of sailing.
So Suwarrow gave us very calm weather the first week and then very blustery conditions for a few days. We haven't seen much wind at all, it's taken us some adjustment to get used to a few days of over 20 knots of wind, getting up to 40 at times, with rain squalls, so cabin fever is setting in, but hopefully a reprieve tomorrow in the weather before the next front arrives, which shouldn't be as bad. 
When it was calm we walked along the reef, snorkeled the coral heads near our boat, and visited Bird Island, which is very populated now since they did a rat eradication programme here 5 years ago.
There's also been some fun BBQ's on the island with the Caretaker and his family and the 15 - 20 or so yachts in the anchorage. We were number 54 to clear in this year, they get about 200 boats here now. A far cry from 11 years ago, when we were here for a month last time and saw only 7 boats during that whole month. Many boats this year have come here due to the weather further south being quite windy.
We'll celebrate Richard's Birthday here this Saturday, and then see what the weather brings next week as to when we move along to the Va'Vau group.

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