Richard and Rachel Caswell
Wed 11 Mar 2009 17:15
Las Perlas Islands !  And how pretty they are, with plenty of anchorages, long sandy beaches to walk on and loads of exploring to do. Not many yachts around, although they could be hiding just around the corner, you just wouldn't know...and hardly any locals either. Been here for three weeks and it's time to move on, although we haven't had much wind, so it will probably be a drift to Galapagos. We are in touch with 3 other yachts, "All The Colours"  has just arrived in Galapagos, two others are just in front of us, "Happy Spirit" and "Chinook II" and the last one, "Kalida"  is behind us, so makes a nice trail to get an indication of weather, waves, shipping and no-one's caught a fish yet, even though birds, dolphins and whales have been spotted.
Had a few bonfires on the beach, some just to burn rubbish, others to cook food, which is great fun. The temperature is a balmy 30 degrees during the day, but drops down to 20 at night, sometimes lower, and the sea temperature is 20 C, making for brisk and short swims, hard to adjust after 30 C water temps !