15:18S, 146:22W

Richard and Rachel Caswell
Sun 21 Jun 2009 06:41
With absolutely no wind whatsoever, but as soon as it looks promising , then we'll be on our way to Tahiti. Need wind as we've not quite enough fuel now to motor the 200-odd miles all the way!
Enjoying this place as it's so quiet and can't believe the weather as it's been so calm for the last couple of weeks. The lagoon is really low, as there's no waves breaking over the reef to fill it up. But fun just walking along the outer reef at low tide. Lots of eels in the nooks and crannies, a few octopus and many different types of fish in the rock pools, including baby reef sharks. Picked up some lovely shells too, but not quite as varied as further west of here, where the diversity will increase. Apitaki is aproximately 10 miles wide and 12 miles long.
There's a yacht up in the NE corner, we're in the NW corner and we watched another yacht sail to the SE corner after they came through the northern pass into the lagoon. The village is in the SW corner near another pass, so feeling like farmers with plenty of room around us, and no close neighbours.
But looking forward to fresh veges again ! And the noise of a bustling city to realize how lovely this all really truly is.
Onward we go soon - next blog Papeete !

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