Richard and Rachel Caswell
Thu 2 Apr 2009 14:25
Galapagos, San Christobel Island.
Dived with the sharks, swam with the seals and watched the marine iguanas feeding. Spotted blue booby birds with their bright blue feet, and watched the frigate birds nesting, with the males calling out using their large red gullet. The seals are very friendly, and love to jump into any dinghy or even on some yachts - one yacht had 5 seals in the cockpit ! Many hours go by just watching them play. A very quiet town seeming prosperous at present due to tourism. Locals reserved and quiet yet very friendly and most helpful with our terrible pronouncing of Spanish, ..had many laughs !
Our 21 days are up and now we do the big crossing of 3000 NM to the French Islands. Weather looks good, maybe a bit patchy with light winds, but we're hoping it'll fill in for us so we can sail most of it and not do too much drifting....need to conserve the fuel...Boat and crew very happy contented and looking forward to the next part of the trip !